100 Creative Wedding Seat Card Ideas

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Beachy meets boho, driftwood place cards sets the tone for a laid-back sea-inspired soiree. Photo by Jessica Loren. Want to evoke a sense of the sea at your beachy wedding? Then shell place cards are just the ticket. Choose from a variety such as pearly oyster shells, blue-hued mussel shells, or chic transparent Capiz shells. Cacti and succulents add a cool, contemporary touch to your wedding decor. Seat your guests with the cutest little pots they can take home after or get creative with a cactus paddle.

Orange place cards by Studio DIY. Fruit makes a brilliant budget-friendly and innovative place card holder. Try gold-dipped pears or apples as a luxurious place card or what about zesty lemons, limes or oranges for a summer bash? DIY printable place cards from Snippet and Ink.

Please be seeded! You can use 'hearts' playing cards for inexpensive table number markers, i.

Ace of hearts for table 1, two of hearts for table 2 etc. Place cards are placed at each place setting to ensure guests sit in the correct seats. They are only required if you have assigned guests to seats not tables.

6 Creative DIY Place Cards For Weddings

If you are using tent-fold cards, write the guest's name on both sides so that other guests on the table can also read it. Smith" depending on the level of formality you feel happy with. Using just the first name is obviously not recommended if there is more than one person with the same first name. Guest names can also be written on personalised favours or menus instead of using place cards. Place cards can be bought from wedding suppliers and some stationery suppliers. You can either write them by hand yourself, employ a calligrapher to do it for you or print them on the computer.

If you are printing them on the computer we recommend you buy sheets of press out place cards , for example ones available from Avery, DecaDry or Sigel.

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If you use an artistic or calligraphy font for your place cards e. Place cards can be a useful way to communicate to the catering staff which meals people have ordered. If you are feeling creative you can give tables names instead of numbers. This is very common for weddings. Numbered tables are less work and easier to find if they are laid out logically. Named tables add a bit more atmosphere and are useful if you are worried about guests being offended about not being seated on "table 1".

You can also liven up numbers, for example include a picture of the hosts at age 1 on table 1, at age 2 on table 2 etc. It is a good idea to lay it all out on an appropriate size table, before the big day, to make sure it doesn't look cluttered. Make sure any flowers, table cards or other displays on the table aren't so large that they prevent guests seeing each other.

If you are putting people who don't know each other together, it may be a good idea to provide them with a quiz or some other form of 'ice breaker'. Give each child a 'goody bag' to keep them amused. This can contains balloons, pencils and paper, small toy etc. It doesn't have to be expensive. Don't give them anything that can cause stains or permanent marks! Bubble blowing kits can be fun but you may end up with soapy tasting food and a slippery dance floor. Disposable cameras can be a cheap and fun way to record an event. But make sure you leave clear instructions that you want guests to finish the film you don't want 10 half-finished films and what you want them to do with the camera afterward.

You might also need to remind people to use the flash indoors. Make sure you find out and notify the caterers of dietary preferences, e. A typical wedding seating plan is to have the wedding party on a head table with seats down one side facing all the other guests seated on circular tables:. If it won't cause friction try to seat members of the bride and groom's families on tables together, it is their best chance to get to know each other.

The wedding party table should be placed where the bride and groom can see and be seen by as many guests as possible. Remember that once the main wedding meal the 'wedding breakfast' commences the bride may have taken the name of the groom. Make sure that your seating chart, place cards etc take account of this.

If you have a number of paid attendees you intend to feed, e. Note that wedding etiquette varies between countries and cultures and you will have to tailor your wedding seating plan accordingly.

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The wedding party is usually seated at a long table with seats down one side. This is called the 'top table' or 'head table'. Who to put on the top table can be a sensitive issue, especially if the parents of the bride or groom have divorced and remarried. Make sure you resolve any such issues long before the wedding day.

If the parents of the bride or groom have divorced and remarried it probably isn't a good idea to put them and their new partners together on the top table. One solution is to invite some family of the step-parent and put them together on a separate table near the top table. If you are worried that someone might feel left out because they aren't on the top table, ask them to "host" one of the other tables.

100 Wedding Table Name Ideas

Make it clear who is hosting each table on the seating chart. This will help them to feel involved.

If the parents of the bride and groom are not in the wedding party they should be seated on the table nearest the top table. It is becoming fashionable in some quarters to have the bride and groom at their own table for example David and Victoria Beckham. This is also referred to as a "sweetheart table". This can be useful for bypassing issues about who should be on the top table. Some couples opt not to have a top table at all, but to have two free seats at each table so they can mingle during the meal.

This is a nice idea, but it does mean that two guests at each table will be seated next to empty seats for much of the reception. Don't be a slave to tradition. Decide what you want for your event and create your table plan accordingly. It is probably a good idea to show your table plan to a few key guests to ensure that it is OK and you haven't forgotten anything. Make sure you have enough time to take account of their suggestions. Don't show everyone, unless you want to make your life difficult.

Rustic Country Wedding Ideas: Ladder Wedding Ideas

The traditional approach to planning seating arrangements is to write down guests' names on scraps of paper and move these around. But this is time consuming and error prone. Do you have some special dates that mean a lot to you?

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Name your tables after the date you met, got engaged, your birthdays and other days that mean something special. The top table can then be your wedding date! These wooden date table names from Forget Me Not Wed are so cute. If you both love sweets then how about a different sweet table name with a bowl of them in the centre of the table?

Think wagon wheels, bon bons and flying saucers to get your started. Are you both music fans? Then you could name your tables after your favourite bands and singers. This pretty wooden table name from Ivy Cottage Homeware shows how you can make any table name fit with your theme.

18 Unique Table Plan Ideas for Your Big Day (Including DIYs!) | awajoviraror.tk

If you love the idea of a music theme then how about your favourite songs? You could include the song you walked down the aisle to and your first dance song. Are you both movie buffs? Celebrate your love of the silver screen by naming your tables after your all-time favourite films. We adore these elegant wreath style table names from Clouds and Currents , perfect for a rustic themed wedding day.

Sticking with the movie theme, how about the names of your favourite actors or actresses? We are more than happy to be seated at the Zac Efron table…. Do you have fairytales and sparkle running through your veins? Then name your tables after your favourite Disney films, characters and words. We love this Hakuna Matata print from Oso Twee. Get your geek on with a periodic table plan — like this one from Rodo Creative. Football fans — this is one for you! If you are a lover of the beautiful game then naming tables after football teams or the players from your favourite team!

Are you having 12 tables? Why not name your tables after months of the year, with the top table being the month of your wedding. Locations are always a popular choice for wedding table names — why not choose some of your favourite cities. If you have lived in a few different places in the UK or you are both from different towns or cities then why not name your tables after these special places in your life? We love these personalised wooden table names from Postbox Party. Keeping with a location theme, why not get more granular and name the tables after roads and streets that mean something to you?

Are you having a beach themed wedding?