28 Egg Recipes for Easy Family Meals (eHow Easy Recipes Kindle Book Series)

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In Year-Round Slow Cooker, home cooks will find delicious, modern, practical slow cooker recipes featuring seasonal produce. Recipes speak to the home cook whose palate is more sophisticated and who wants to incorporate seasonal produce into all of her meals. Organized by season, Year-Round Slow Cooker features notes about the featured seasonal ingredients as well as invaluable tips throughout to help cooks maximize the power of the slow cooker. Read more Read less. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Learn more. Latest magazine issues you may like. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

Single Issue Magazine. Instant Pot Recipes. Southern Living. Read more. Don't have a Kindle? Customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention slow cooker exchange for an honest dina cheney received a copy french toast toast bread bread pudding many recipes sea salt triple apricot netgalley in exchange apricot french book from netgalley pudding with sea year round crockpot cooking times slow cooking year-round slow salt caramel.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Love the recipes, they are easy but the flavors are complex. Best of all, Cheney really explains the basics of how to use your slow cooker and how to maximize flavor and even how to convert some of your own favorite recipes to the slow cooker. Also, love how it's broken up into seasons and even has slow cooker desserts, yum!

I bought this book hoping to find some recipes that I could throw together in the morning, go to work and come home 8 hours later and eat. Regards Kim Hi Autumn. I can tell that this WILL be delicious…. I went against my instincts and put in 1. Hi Gabriel. I can tell you this is a very delicious bread :- I normally add 2 teaspoons of salt which I think is fine.

I made it with no added salt and it came out good. Next time I will use a different oil though as I find the olive oil has too strong a flavour and want to taste more of the nut flavour. We love nuts and seeds and so tried this, It worked exactly like the pictures, the smell was like chicken cooking, the olive oil absorbed during cooling. I used metal pan with parchment on bottom, but the liquid got under it a little bit, but that little bit was like glue and very difficult to remove even with soaking.

Also my family found it rather dense and strong flavored. I will try coconut or look for rice bran oil never saw that before. I wonder if people could post their favorite ways to serve besides straight up? Has any one tried re-toasting?

Guide 19 Shrimp Recipes for Easy Family Meals (eHow Easy Recipes Kindle Book Series)

I also made this bread…. I mixed my eggs and oil real well first then added it… I made 1 loaf plain and added cinnamon and 2 tb spoons of brown sugar.. Hello, i was wondering if i could make this using a small cupcake pan? I had a friend make this and I thought it was pretty good, but wouldve liked it in smaller portions.

Hi Justin. I quite sure that would work out perfect — then you just make smaller snack buns. That actually sounds like I good idea. Just tried to make this, the recipe says 10dl olive oil, which I took to mean ml. Hi Martin. The correct amount of oil is 1dl ml , this is what I always uses. Have you made it with just eggs and no oil? Hi Maura. I have never tried this recipe using only eggs. I personally think that vegetable oil is a great ingredient and I uses it everywhere I can I was thinking about how one could make this without eggs.

Let the chickpea flour soak for two hours before mixing with the other ingredients because it needs time to absorb water. It has a wonderful flavor and is very versatile. The texture is almost custardy and you would swear there were eggs in it. Wow, great recipe with no tricks! Next time I will experiment with less salt and oil and maybe add some dates. Loved this bread. Tried it using 1 cup of each seed and nuts. With the nuts I soaked them first, removed the skin off almonds and ground the linseed.

The nuts became really plumb. Substituted olive oil for coconut oil and used 1 tsp salt. Absolutely delicious. Served it with slices of avocado, mashed smoked mackerel with horseradish cream and lemon zest, topped with sliced fennel. Truly awesome! Looked amazing and so it tried it.

Like someone mentioned, LOTS of oil on the top. I drained it twice. The oil is really all is can taste, which is OK, but you can only eat so much. I made this yesterday and now all my friends want to try it too! We were thinking of adding some rosemary and sundried tomatoes to make it more savoury.

Pressure Cooker Instructions

So, is it supposed to be sweet or savoury??! Or BOTH! Hi Myana. I can imagine that sundried tomatoes could be really good in this bread. If I should pick between sweet and savoury, I would say savoury.

Perhaps it would be heavier or wetter. Just try it and see, I guess. Hi Deborah. That sounds like a good idea. I have never tried that. I will consider it the next time I make the bread. Super sounding recipe. Quick question: Does this have to be oil, or could you possibly use fresh coconut milk raw? Is the oil instrumental in holding it together as well, or is just for baking purposes? Hi Vanessa. I personally like oil and appreciate the good things that it adds to this bread. For the others asking about nutrition, I ran it through a recipe analyzer, and as is, except that I swapped pistachios for walnuts, rough estimate of nutrition is as follows:.

You can figure out the per serving by dividing however you need to. Now, the ratios are a little better with avocado oil, or rice bran oil, and using egg alternatives. But anyone can plug those in yourself using any recipe analyzer online. They are all simple and pretty quick. I look forward to trying this!

I just made this! Was not expecting to like it at all. It is delicious! Made it exactly per your recipe. Thank you for a good one!! Baked as directed. Following day sliced thin into squares and baked at on parchment for 3 hours until crisp. Better than any cracker on the grocer shelves!! Love this bread! It smells divine!!!! Thank you for the recipe! Thanks to anyone who can answer! I might work but maybe the bread becomes a bit harder when baked. If you try I would love to here about the result. Hi David. I have not tried these combinations.

I actually think it sounds delicious adding these ingredients. HI Mari. I have not tried making the recipe without eggs. However, I know that some of my reads, of my blog, have tried. This has been discussed in the comments section for the recipe. Maybe you can find help there? First of all, egg whites would be better than whole eggs, which cause the loaf to rise and sink. Second, olive oil is thin and falls to the bottom of the pan. Good luck. Wonderful recipe… thank you! It depends on how thick or thin you slice it.

I baked it in a regular bread loaf pan. Hope this helps! Love, love this recipe. Makes me think of my one visit to Denmark many years ago with an ex-Boyfriend! I will have to try your other recipes in my small kitchen.

10 Creative Recipes Using Just An Egg

I made this bread. I found it to be very heavy and greasy. It sort of tasted like whole grain bread. It is basically a birdseed loaf. I broke it up and tossed it outside for the birds. I would love to help you but I have a hard time see what went wrong. Has anyone tried it with roasted salted nuts and seeds instead,of raw? My first loaf seems to need more salt.

I know I can add more salt manually. Just thinking out loud.


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Or how much salt is too much salt for this recipe? Whist making crackers, is there a good way to salt,the outside without adding much oil or butter?

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Made this tonight. Definitely too much oil asked for in the recipe. The flax, eggs and salt are reasonable. The other seeds with the exception of maybe the sesame seeds and olive oil seem very unlikely though given the geographical location and time period. There is no evidence whatsoever. Too much salt! It tasted like salty crackers instead of a nutritious bread. Next time I will use a generous pinch of salt instead.

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