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Table of contents. Complete List. By Gareth P. Alexander Sep.

Language and the brain: Aphasia and split-brain patients - MCAT - Khan Academy

Kotov Sep. Faraz Bishehsari , Ali Keshavarzian. Reem Makki , Victoria H. By Martin Enserink Sep. By Jocelyn Kaiser Sep. By Yichuan Wu , Justin K. Yim , et al. By Dorota M. Skowron , Jan Skowron , et al.

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To learn more about how to get published in any of our journals, visit our guide for contributors , or visit the how-to page for each individual journal. All rights Reserved. Sending B cells back in time Science Immunology Sep. Treating alcohol use disorder Science Advances Sep. Special issue: Genotype to phenotype Science Sep. Patterning precision Science Robotics Sep. Inhibiting invasive fibroblasts Science Translational Medicine Sep.

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Machu Picchu was built over major fault zones. Now, researchers think they know why ScienceShots Sep.

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Systematically refining precision medicine Science Signaling Sep. In addition, families with larger brains contributed more species to city populations than Motacillidae 5 small-brained families brain size: posterior mean, 7. Phylogenetic tree describing the relationship statistics. The significantly negative effect of body between 22 avian families studied number of included mass needs some further investigation. However, species per family in parentheses. The pie charts indicate models with body or brain size separately revealed no the proportion of urban dwellers purple colour versus significant effects at the species or at the family level.

The schematic of the avian brain is scaled to match when using the ln-ratio between brain and body size as the relative mean brain size for each family. We emphasize that the pattern emerges despite the simplicity of our model, which ignores variation owing to ecological factors [1].

We used the relative size of the whole brain as our 4. For example, it is possible that were the ana- their counterparts that avoid urban habitats.

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This find- lyses repeated using telencephalic size, an even stronger ing supports the hypothesis that large brain size result could be found e. Indeed, innovation rate predisposes avian species for successful establishment is most strongly related to the size of isocortex in mam- in urban environments.

The downside of this Therefore, it is logical to conjecture that brain size approach is that currently there are very little data Biol. Big-brained birds succeed in cities available on brain structure in different bird species, 6 Reader, S.

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  • In any case, because innovation, and enhanced brain size in primates. USA 99, — Future studies may gain by adopting a more 8 Shultz, S. B , — Natl Acad. USA , — Our study suggests that birds 10 Hadfield, J.

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    The poten- package. Software 33, 1— While the urban environment is 12 Croci, S. Condor , — Further research Zool. These data Acta Soc.

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    Recent work also indicated capture and nocturnality. We suggest that environment for statistical computing.

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