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Two percent of a project I feel so comfortable with and proud of, and the rest of it I feel very self-critical of. I'm doing this willingly, of course, but if you can project that kind of feeling about those 98 pictures of yourself on to a massive scale of a movie that a lot of people are not just going to see but scrutinize, you can understand. I like being in the movie more than I like watching them.

Joaquin Phoenix has only watched two of his own movies : The Master and Her.

Book Review: I Like to Watch, by Emily Nussbaum

What, no Space Camp? I immediately go into, like, an anxiety attack. I try not to worry about it and move onto the next one. Not only can British actress Billie Piper not stand to watch herself onscreen, in a interview, she explained that she also barred her then-husband Laurence Fox, an actor himself, from watching her. The Tao of Telly What a collection of perfection in perceptive criticism and thought from the incredible Emily Nussbaum, culture critic for The New Yorker.

In it, she considers the high evolution of television in the past 20 years; its influence on culture; the revolutions of its ascendancy from simply entertainment into, at times, transcendent original art in which we can simultaneously find ourselves in its truths and lose ourselves. Worth the price of the book is her recent splendid New Yorker essay on whether the bad acts and malevolence of movers and shakers, like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, et al.

Rarely--maybe one other time--have I gotten to the end of a book much less a book of commentary in essays and seriously consider immediately re-reading--to relish again in--at least half of the pieces. An Absolutely Edifying Book! View 2 comments. Apr 15, Glen rated it it was ok Shelves: firstreads , pop-culture.

I won this book in a goodreads drawing. Back in college, I took a class on popular culture. It was pretty interesting. We read a lot of stuff about television. It was written, I think before I remember thinking it was an awful lot of effort for a show that most people didn't watch. Here we are in I open this book, and the whole thing is written almost exactly like that long ago article.

Sh I won this book in a goodreads drawing. Shows how little things have really changed in TV. It's like reading 's analysis of newer programming. Odd, perhaps entertaining, but not especially enlightening. Mar 22, Andrew Barnes rated it it was amazing.

I Like To Watch With Zach Woods

It makes me feel like an idiot for having missed others. Even when panning shows I love, I came away with a richer view of the show. Beautiful ruminations on why we watch and why television is enriching art and not the brain draining waste some dullards try and make it out to be. Aug 07, Lee rated it really liked it. Jul 03, Sonya rated it really liked it Shelves: Even if you've already read Nussbaum's New Yorker columns faithfully, the new essay, Confessions of a Human Shield, is worth the price of the book.

In it, Nussbaum examines her own journey from liking and defending the work of difficult men to understanding how they fit into our current cultural morass.

Particularly blistering is her discussion of the fate of Louis CK. It's an essay of and for our time. May 15, Trevor Groce rated it it was amazing Shelves: giveaways. Each page offers insight and honest appraisals of many of the most important shows over the past two decades. Her love for television imbues every review with a sense of affection, even for the shows deemed a disappointment.

Reading these reviews in proximity, along with some extended profiles and essays, reveals the depth of her genius and brings the reader up to speed on several aspects of the twists, turns, Emily Nussbaum is the reason I flip to the back when I get my hands on The New Yorker. Reading these reviews in proximity, along with some extended profiles and essays, reveals the depth of her genius and brings the reader up to speed on several aspects of the twists, turns, and great leaps forward that have brought us to the fascinating television landscapes of today.

Viewers left feeling empty after GOT ends will likely find a new fount of enthusiasm here, and expert tips for what show to go back and see with newly enlightened eyes. Highly recommended to even casual fans. Jun 23, Tess rated it it was amazing. I worked through the book much faster than anticipated.

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I thought I would go to each essay individually, and would take my time, but her amazing writing, insights, and interesting stories about some of my favorite television shows made the book a page-turner for me. Each essay is about a certain television show, yes, but it usually delves into so much more - politics, relationships, how we consume culture, and so much more.

Her critiques are both rich and nuanced, and she makes the best argument for television as art. The collection is also extremely timely. However, I think it will also endure and find myself wanting to get the hard cover copy of the book to have forever something I rarely think to do with NetGalley books! Five stars for sure. The sticky sticky hurdles of emotion, bias, and agenda that so much of my own responses to art get mired in.

Aug 08, Julia rated it liked it. I think the strength of this book are the shorter critiques of specific shows- there were several that made me consider shows differently when shown in the context of what tv came before and after it. The longer profiles of creators and the essay in the middle about separating the art from the artist dragged and slowed momentum. The profiles meandered through interviews with the creators, and while I realize that profiles don't necessarily need to have a "point," these felt especially 3.

The profiles meandered through interviews with the creators, and while I realize that profiles don't necessarily need to have a "point," these felt especially framed to have no real point. The longer essay didn't enhance the central thesis of the book: the fact that tv should be taken more seriously. The subject is one that I think we do need to be talking about, but it didn't seem like this was the place for it.

It also felt incomplete. The whole time it felt like it was building to a place where Nussbaum would change her mind on separating art and artist. There were several anecdotes about her enjoying media by problematic creators and her interacting with people who felt differently than her, and then it didn't make any kind of definitive statement. Aug 19, Mehrsa rated it it was amazing. Honestly, I don't even watch TV. But these essays are so freaking good. They are about culture and feminism and art and me too. I did appreciate the LOST essay because I did watch that one back in the day and I was so annoyed at the ending so that essay was satisfying.

Librarian’s Pick: I Like To Watch – Emily Nussbaum

Jun 02, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. The Twitter feed gives me AHA moments in her short bursts of comments on television programs that are hot in today's market. The longer New Yorker pieces are much more informative and give me things to chew over at a slower pace. EN's new book is a collection of published essays with two new ones and a great introduction to her genre of writing. I never tire of hearing about David Chase, the show's creator.

He comes from a part of New Jersey I am familiar with, and a time I remember well.