Occupying Wall Street

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Occupy Wall Street

Two years later, he became head of the A. His first major initiative was to push for marriage equality legislation in the state, a campaign that eventually culminated in a court ruling in allowing same-sex marriage.

He is working for changes that would reduce the prison population by as much as half and help ease the unemployment discrimination against ex-convicts. I photographed Alex in April He was then, and continues to be, a doctor and public-health specialist. When I first met him I knew him as the founder of Revolutionary Games, a group that created environments where people could use games and play as a vehicle for building political awareness. After Occupy Wall Street, Alex went to Brazil, where he was hired to oversee medical care for workers at the national oil company, Petrobras, on an oil rig in the Atlantic Ocean.

The conditions appalled him, he said, leading him to protest against the company last year. Petrobras removed him from the oil rig. I first photographed Yajaira in December at rally calling for passage of a bill now known as the Dream Act. The bill seeks to protect children who enter the United States with their parents without the proper documents. By then, Zuccotti Park, though not empty, was relatively quiet. After the clearing of the park the previous month, the media spotlight had shifted, and the cold kept people inside.

Most of those who did so seemed to be more interested in gaining the attention of photographers. Yajaira, however, was different. She was self-possessed and perfectly at ease. When we met again this year, I found out that she herself is undocumented. She and her family are Mixtec. They arrived in New York from Mexico when she was 4 years old.

She now runs a restaurant in the Bronx with her brother, Marco, called La Morada. We were on a little triangle of land called Duarte Square owned by Trinity Church. Trinity Church on the advice of Wall Street financiers on their board declined. When I caught up with them again this year, I learned that the Packards continue to be active in social justice issues.

In their own backyard, in Westchester County, they were involved in protests over development plans for Rye Playland, one of the last of the old amusement parks. They are also fighting to stop a gas pipeline from being built next to the Indian Point nuclear plant about 45 miles north of Midtown Manhattan.

When I first photographed Nicole she was with her friend Rayvawn, a dancer. They were attending a protest against student debt at Zuccotti Park. At the time Ms. Whetstone was a musician and a freelance producer for MTV. While I was photographing her this year, she reflected on how Occupy had raised her social awareness and given her inspiration for her music. After focusing on the protest and her music, she returned to television.

She now works for another company that makes reality television shows. She finds it ironic that her job is designed to gloss over the inequalities that she has been fighting for, but she also recognizes the importance of her role as a woman of color. When I originally photographed Su and Kyle, who declined to give their last names, in November , they were a couple and a very stylish one. Su had just started her freshman year at City University of New York and Kyle was trying to figure out how to complete his senior year of high school — he had been thrown out of the house by his parents.

Without an address, he was having difficulty registering for a school. When I contacted Su to photograph her again she was completing her senior year and was a volunteer for a group called Food Not Bombs and was still friends with Kyle, though they were no longer a couple. After she graduates from CUNY, she says, she plans to study law though she struggles with whether it is the most direct way to effect change. The day I photographed her she had just come from a soup kitchen on East First Street where she had been preparing food to distribute in Tompkins Square Park.

That day, we talked about her post-graduation plans.

Occupy Wall Street - Wikipedia

She was conflicted. She saw a role for herself in the law, but doubted that it was the most direct path to change. Louyi was also a photographer when I first met him in April He photographed the Occupy protest extensively and had several uncredited images published in major magazines. His camera was stolen shortly after Occupy Wall Street ended.

A Journal of Ideas

When we met again this year, I learned that Louyi was an undocumented immigrant. He had come to the United States with his family as a child from Panama. Fluent in four languages, he has built a career as a stylist in the fashion industry. He is working with lawyers to become documented. Isabel was a new nurse when she found herself at Occupy Wall Street.

She provided health care to anyone who needed it there, including free flu shots. This led to an unexpected clash when demonstrators opposed to vaccines objected. Isabel has a wonderful sense of humor and laughed as she told the story. She continues to work as a nurse in New Jersey.

Some of the issues from the Occupy protest still resonate with her. She says she is frustrated with the priorities of the health care system, which she believes serves hospital administrators and insurance companies rather than patients.

Get Up, Stand Up

When I met Damian, tensions were high. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Photos: Protests past and present. Protester Ieshia Evans is detained by law enforcement officers near the police headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Saturday, July 9.

Evans was among dozens of people protesting the death of Alton Sterling, who was fatally shot by police just a few days earlier. Click through the gallery to see memorable images from other protests throughout history. Hide Caption.


The march protested the British tax on salt, a necessity of everyday life. Gandhi called for Indians to illegally make salt or buy it illegally. More nonviolent protests against the tax were mounted in large cities across India, and Gandhi's methods eventually led to India's independence. Rosa Parks became an inspiration for the modern civil rights movement when she was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama, on December 1, , after refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger on a city bus.

For days, African-Americans boycotted public transportation to protest Parks' arrest and, in turn, segregation laws. The boycott led to a Supreme Court ruling desegregating public transportation in Montgomery. Soon after, Parks was photographed near the front of a bus in what became an enduring image of the civil rights movement. A year-old civil rights demonstrator, defying an anti-parade ordinance in Birmingham, Alabama, is attacked by a police dog on May 3, The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Students in Paris hurl projectiles at the police on Boulevard Saint-Germain during the uprisings of May 6, Black Panther members protest in Chicago in A pacifist demonstrates in Santa Monica, California, on June 15, John Lennon and Yoko Ono give a press conference during their "bed-in" for peace at an Amsterdam hotel in March Young Chinese demonstrators protest official corruption and urge democracy in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in A man in Tiananmen Square stands in front of a column of T tanks on June 4, Police Lt.

This image sparked controversy amid the Occupy protests and fueled the flames for protesters. Egyptian army soldiers arrest a female protester during clashes at Tahrir Square in Cairo on December 17, On January 25, people took to the streets in demonstrations against corruption and failing economic policies.


From the beginning, the revolution in Egypt was propelled by the use of social media. The events in Egypt served as a flash point for journalists on the ground, too. For perhaps one of the first times, history itself has been recorded instantaneously, as reporters took to Twitter to share character updates and personal stories from the protests.

A riot police officer uses tear gas as people protest the destruction of a park for a pedestrian project in Istanbul's Taksim Square on May 28, The woman in red became the face of the protests.

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Protesters in Kiev, Ukraine, catch fire as they stand behind burning barricades during clashes with police on February 20, Kiev's Independence Square had been the center of anti-government protests since November , when President Viktor Yanukovych reversed a decision on a trade deal with the European Union and instead turned toward Russia. Riot police use pepper spray as they clash with pro-democracy protesters outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong on September 28, Demonstrations began in response to China's decision to allow only Beijing-vetted candidates to stand in the city's election for chief executive.

Protesters say Beijing has gone back on its pledge to allow universal suffrage in Hong Kong, which was promised "a high degree of autonomy" when it was handed back to China by Britain in The umbrella has become the defining image of the protest movement, used to shield protesters from tear gas and the elements.

A protester in Ferguson, Missouri, stands in front of police vehicles with his hands up on November 24, A grand jury's decision not to indict police Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown prompted waves of protests in Ferguson and across the country. The "hands up, don't shoot" gesture became a rallying cry and protest symbol.

A man attempts to calm a fellow demonstrator as they face police in Baltimore in April Riots broke out after the funeral for Freddie Gray , who died of a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. His death sparked protests in Baltimore and raised long-simmering tensions between police and residents. Story highlights Saturday marks the fifth anniversary of the birth of Occupy Wall Street movement Group spurred grass-roots activism such as Black Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders campaign. From the shade of honey locust trees in Zuccotti Park near the New York Stock Exchange, the group's creed against income inequality, corporate greed and the influence of money in politics helped spawn a variety of causes -- from Black Lives Matter to the ascent of Bernie Sanders to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's quiet protest against institutional racism.

On Saturday, the fifth anniversary of the birth of their movement, Occupy veterans will gather at the Lower Manhattan park and later march to police headquarters.