Old Mother, Little Cat: A Writers Reflections on Her Kitten, Her Aged Mother ... and Life

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Merrill Joan Gerber

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Karl Theis Spencer St. Torrance, CA kwtaussie aol. Shipping Terms: Orders usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. Anytime a symbol comes with a rich mythological history, it is a sure sign that it likely has great meaning in dreams and is potentially an important source of valuable information. Ultimately, the information that felines bring to the dream world can assist a dreamer in various aspects of in their waking life.

As such, dream cats just like their real-life counterparts , demand and deserve attention when they show up in your nocturnal visions. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I had a dream about the cat I had as a pet 8 years ago. There's no reason to suddenly see it because it didn't came to mind while in a time. The cat that i had is black in color with little amount white fur in his chest. It was alive in the dream and it was with 2 or 3 cats and there we some kittens too.

I was crying so hard when i wake up and this dream is running in my mind for the whole day. What will this mean? I dreamed about findings two snakes one poisonous and one not then a black or brown dog appeared along with a white cat the cat was bitten by the poisonous one and the dog bitten by the other. I dreamed about shooting my own cat with a sniper but I wasn't trying to hurt it. I think someone ordered me to do it as well. As if it was a normal thing to do. When I went closer I saw 3 shots in the cat and it was breathing heavily and I realized it was hurt. I felt awful and told my cat that I was sorry.

When I woke up I felt really awful as well. Today at 6 am I saw a dream where I saw a cat with three eyes. The cat had two blue eyes but like it belonged to an alien. However, one of the eyes looked like it belong to the cat itself. At the same time as I saw the cat, I saw that my current boyfriend was breaking with me. There was a part of the dream where I saw that it was because he was with someone else but this is not the case in real life.

My boyfriend likes me and is happy with me I confirmed. However, this dream has got me feeling restless. Could you help me interpret it? I have very vivid dreams. Last night I dreamed that my overweight, neutered Tabby somehow fathered a litter of kittens with a White, Female Cat.

She brought the newborns, one by one, to me? Suddenly I was at a vets office. I told the vets about it and how she was spade and he was neutered! She was. Stranger Cat to me! The vets were curious. I was still left wondering How my real, neutered cat could father kittens!? They were Adorable, of course, and still wet from being born, the White Cat was licking them as Pablo looked on! I dreamed that I was visiting my mother and she got me a cat. The cat was white with a black patch on her eye and a peculiarly triangular face.

I love cats in real life so was really excited to see her. But then my eyes fell on an open suitcase it was purple in color at a distance and I realised that there were two kittens they were the cat's playing around inside a blanket. Both the blanket and the kittens were black. In the dream though, I didn't get to see the kittens properly, but I knew they were kittens.

As I stepped forward to see them the cat came in between and started hissing and clawing at me. I wasn't afraid though because I thought that she was just being protective of her babies. So I stepped back behind my mother to kind of protect myself if the cat tried to scratch me and then I gingerly edged forward. The cat realised this and she screamed at me which freaked me out , then ran away. I was relieved she was gone which meant I could see the kittens, but was afraid she might jump out at me from anywhere.

I was in the process of removing the blanket from over the kittens when I woke up. I dreamt that we had an animal sanctuary and there waz a calico kitten in a cage it wAs so beautiful. Yeah, "prophetic in some way" is exactly what i believe it could be. But i have no idea what it could be about. I guess if its ok with you can you write me a few rows about what do you think the meaning of it could be about. My female cat gave birth to 3 kittens days ago and it was a complicated birth and i had to help with it. She returned after that and started nursing them but sadle one of them died the rest are so far so good.

Do you think the dream was about what was gonna happen with my cat giving birth or it was a warning dream about something else and what could that possibly be about? My daughter is 17, has autism and dreamed of a ginger 'kitty' that had its stomach cut by a man. Dear Ms. Ireland -- I have a recurring dream over the years, but more prevalent in recent months, of suddenly realizing that I haven't fed my cat!

In a fluster, and feeling terrible about this neglect, I begin to organize food for the cat. Questioning myself quite logically in the dream, I check cupboards to see if there's any tins, or will I have to dash out to buy food. My dreams are always very realistic, logical, and usually in color. In this series of dreams, guilt is the predominating factor -- that I've neglected my beloved companion. I am years-old, have a terminal but relatively unsymptomatic at this time disease.

I've manifested into actuality my dearest wish -- to live the remainder of my earthly time in the city I consider the home seat of my soul. To do this, I've had to force certain things, some of which would seem morally "bad" according to social norms. I've had a hard -- and wonderful -- life, and regret nothing. I face the future with a sense of relieved joy, as I leave this troubled world and pass into the next level of my soul's journey. But I still can't shake in my waking life the sense of sorrow and guilt over this dream of even for one moment bringing discomfort and fear into my beloved pet's life.

Can you help me to understand, and put this dream to rest? I have quite a bit of stress in the last two weeks, from this I have not always trusted intuition. I had a dream last night of two different cats with kittens, I was looking at all the colors of the kittens, I saw one that was marbled blue and white, I loved that one and was looking for more of the same. I was also concerned about feeding the cats and their survival. PS I love cats. In a dream i was at this weird soccor fortress and i fell of the wall on to the outside hill and someone ontop said i that its a semi circle and that i must just go around to jump back up.

However until i turned the corner i was fine i saw a huge black kitten or cute black cat. I backed away and ran back into the fortress. Nows when it gets hazy but i think i remeber the same cat or kitten coming back to me and brushing up against me and purring. Hi Evan, thanks for writing. I always answer questions with questions, so please bear with me. What is the primary concern that you have regarding this dream? It sounds like the main concern is that you believe the dream might be prophetic in some way.

Is that correct? If so, what do you think might be the prophecy?

Merrill Joan Gerber Is Lost in Living

Minutes ago i had this dream it was about hundrets of new born kittetens or a few weeks old that were in parents barn on our villa. Odd thing is that they were either sick, very week or sadly dead. And i didnt know about them. Me and my friends have discovered them accidentally. And we were shocked, we have started to search for a way to have them get clean, help them and find them a home eventually.

In reality we have 4 cats 3 adults, 1 preteen if i may say so he isnt a baby. Im really curious to what that could mean. Ive read the part about indiviuality and there is something that comes to my mind. Thank you in advance and i hope you can write me a few words back so i can understand the dream better. Hi RAI, thanks for writing. Can you tell me what it is about this dream that prompted you to write? First of all i am a pregnant lady. I dreamed of a white and black kitten who is sick and sitting on a road.

When i touched the kitten with he or she run away. But the kitten was comfortable with me when i touched him or her. Christian, I hear you! I've only been able to maintain lucidity for extremely short periods of time and oddly enough, the lucid dreams I've experienced always come from nightmares. I can usually wake myself up from nightmares but on extremely rare occasions, I've been able to stop just before becoming completely conscious.

I've read that there are exercises to maintain lucidity, but I've never investigated them. The problem with me and lucid dreams is that every time I realize I am dreaming, I wake up almost immediately, it's kinda like the only control I have is that I can wake myself up. Hi Robbin, thanks for writing. Can you tell me what part of the dream concerns you the most? You write that this is not the first time you've had such a dream. Is it just a familiar scenario or is it a persistent, recurrent dream? Lastly, can you tell me what it was about this particular dream that caused you to write?

Thank you so much! Hi Aisling, so last night i saw a cat that almost pounced on me and started running around in a circle as fast as she can, it was a black cat, although i love cats but that was a bit terrifying i always wanted to adopt one.. It's not the first time that I'm having this dreams, every now and then i dream something like this i wake up and i cannot tell what things i have seen in my dreams.. Can you just help me figure out what my dreams are suggesting me i know they mean something??

I think I've consciously controlled a dream one time that I remember. Perhaps more because I remember knowing that I was asleep and dreaming. This happens more frequently when I'm trying to wake up and can't. I have awakened and thought to myself, I want more of that. Then I went back to sleep and continued the dream. Several times. Hi Kshipra, thanks for writing. Could you tell me what it is about the dream that most concerns you? It sounds like on the one hand, the dream is quite positive because you are able to take care of the cats in a place where you otherwise couldn't, but then it seems to take a turn.

You notice the cats have color on them, but you don't actually recall them scratching you, is that correct? Hey Aisling! I don't have cats, but I have always wanted to adopt one. I couldn't because my mom is allergic and now I live in a hostel which doesn't allow pets. This info is important because, in my dream, I had two mature and healthy cats, and I was in my house, which is kind of impossible, seeing my mother's condition. And we even helped them sleep, I took care of one and my mom helped the other one.

Later in the dream, I couldn't remember which cat breed I had and I tried to concentrate. And then I remembered that I had a Scottish Fold cat. Now I don't know why Scottish Fold particularly because I don't have a preference, but my best guess would be that I love Taylor Swift and her cats, Meredith and Olivia are the same breeds.

The dream wasn't too bizarre until I saw that my white cat had gotten a little colour on her and I didn't know how. Then I look down and see that I'm covered in pink colour!

Again, I don't know how I don't know. So, I put down my cat on the sofa and go to the washroom. When I was cleaning up, I saw that I couldn't get the colour off some parts. I looked closer in the mirror and I saw that on my hand, near my wrists, pink and red kind of mix to form a darker colour and it looks like I have been scratched. Not small little scratches, they're a little deeper and more concentrated in one circle. So I get weirded out at first, thinking about how that happened and terrified later, coming to the conclusion that it was my cats.

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But the worst part is that during the whole dream, not once were my cats angry with me. Plus I remember they didn't have very long nails. I'm just really confused Aisling. I don't think too much about dreams, but this one had cats in it. I love them, but now I think that maybe I'm also a little afraid of them Have you ever had lucid dreams? Dreams wherein you actively control the content of the dream?

I've only had a few, may 3 or 4 that I can recall. They are pretty wild. You are asleep, completely asleep, but aware that you are asleep and dreaming. This article was particularly attractive to me since I dearly love cats, especially black ones. I rarely dream about cats, but when I do, it is usually about my own cats showing up somewhere I am that they are not supposed to be.

I kept telling my subconscious mind that I do not like that. I ran to rescue him but by the time I got there, he had been hit by a car and was lying dead in the middle of the street. I woke up screaming. Except that I never scream out loud in dreams. Later I intentionally held a meditation in which I told my subconscious mind that my cats were unequivocally off limits in my dreams. I told subconscious to find another way to send me a message. Apparently that got results because I no longer dream of them showing up where they shouldn't be.

That proved to me that we do have some conscious control over our dreams. Hey so I can't fully remember my dream. But I'll tell you what I can remember. So at some point my significant other and I had many birds two of each but a roster was somehow mistaken as another bird and it started to chase and attack me. It has 2 hidden fans inside it's break. When it bit me I actually felt it a numbing pain in my arm. Something happened with the birds like a failure and we had to move on.

Him, me, my family. The streets were like from Aladdin but with like a circus is flare. We came along a couple cats one paired up with someone , it was kind and sweet. The other was a black not kitten but not fully grown either. It didn't like anyone one and would immediately bite or scratch. Except with me , it was still aggressive but it was unsure. It'd let me pet it but then try to grab me with it's claws. We continued on the journey and the black cat became mine. We came across a doctor in the streets and we were just getting check ups but part and future lives came across our eyes as he checked us out.

I ran to look for my cat that was no longer with me. He ran up into my arms and cuddled with a little nip at my hand. I put him down and realized I hadn't named him yet, I almost went with Salem but felt it was too generic and named him Sylum. Like asylum.

He loved it and his eyes glowed a yellow orange color like fire. And I woke up. Sorry I know it's long I get really vivid dreams. I'm obviously awake now but I'm sad that Sylum isn't around. I suddenly feel empty a dream cat isn't with me. It's weird. Hi Christian, thanks for writing. That's a lot of dream detail! You write that you have a number of odd dreams. If you recall all of your dreams in as much detail as you did with the one that you wrote below, it might be well worth your time to start keeping a dream journal because it sounds like your dreams have a lot to communicate.

It's well worth giving them a listen! Hello, first of all let me start by saying that I love cats, all sizes and races, I almost always had them growing up and one as an adult as well, same with dogs, if I would have to choose between getting a cat or a dog I would probably choose cat also because my apartment is too small for a dog. I remember when I was a kid we found 3 kittens in a bag floating in the river, me and a bunch of friends, we decided to rescue them after contemplating a little bit, took them to one of our friends' grandpa and put them in his shed without him knowing about it since he hated cats.

We fed them and played with them everyday during summer break until eventually they became too big and the grandpa found them so we had to give them away to the people in the neighbourhood, to whomever wanted to adopt them. Anyway in my dream there was this big feline, I'm not sure exactly what kind it was, I think it was spoted, maybe a jaguar or leopard or something, even though it was smaller than a leopard, I was thinking that it might be a puma but I remember in the dream a friend said that if it was a puma I would've been dead, because this cat attacked me, for some reason I decided to stay and fight it, maybe because I knew I couldn't run away from it, or because I wasn't alone and decided to sacrifice myself.

Anyway this cat was jumping at me, I was defending with my left hand so I got bitten, I felt a little bit of pain, I saw bite marks as well but no blood coming out. This cat was extremely fast and strong, if you know how strong and muscular a pitbull is, this cat was better, I remember it jumped at me at some point but missed me and it was so fast that I could barely track its movement and was thinking that it's not fighting me seriously for some reason, that was before it bit me, but even then the lack of blood made me feel the same thing, I can't for the life of me remember how it ended except for the part when that friend said that it wasn't a puma.

Nope, not going in sane at all, Kevin. Just having normal bizarre dreams! Thank you for writing! Aisling, thank you for your insight. I appreciate your kind words and positive thoughts. I believe you may be on to something! Anyway, thanks for clearing the air that I'm not going insane. Hi Larissa, thanks for writing! What is it about this dream that prompted you to seek more information? Feelings and the impressions dreams leave with us are often very important to helping us understand their meaning. What was the feeling the dream left you with?

What to you, was the most important part of the dream or the part that stood out the most? So this dream actually sounds positive to me, as odd as that may seem. Dreams are usually symbolic representations of what's going on in our minds and souls and what it sounds like is going on in your soul is that you are a kind person, who is able to look beyond the surface appearance of things and see through to the heart of issues.

It looks like you have the ability to "put a human face" on things that would repel others. The fact that you are also more of a dog person but in your dream you are trying to care for cats, seeking help beyond what other might, also indicates to me that you have a kind, caring nature. But I'm likely not telling you anything that you don't already know about yourself! What you may not know, and what the dream might be saying, is that you wish that people around you would give you the same consideration and care that you give to others. There is a theory that all the elements in a dream are symbolic aspects of ourselves.

If this is true, the kittens in the dream could symbolize feelings of helplessness over some issue you're confronting, something that you might need help with but not being able to find someone to take the time to actually help you sort out your problem. However, the dream still is positive to me because it sounds like at the end of the dream, you did, in fact find someone who could help, you just woke up before that happened--which might indicate that issues and solutions to your problems have actually been integrated into your consciousness.

Please let me know if that helps any! I supposed it was a female and it was talking to me. It was calm, and sweet. It came to me, and scratched me a little but playing, not hostile and then when I decided to show it to my mother, the kitten was gone. At first it was the initial shock of the disturbing birth and bizarre appearance that bothered me. But it was almost like that no longer bothered me as soon as I realized they needed help that I couldn't provide.

I find it odd that I so easily accepted the bizarre aspects of it, while everyone around me looked at them like monsters. I quickly became angered when no one was able to help me with the situation.

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And finally, when I thought I was about to get to the right resource for help I woke up. I was raised with cats in my household since I was young. In my adult life I've had 1 cat who I cherished that died of old age about a year ago. While I consider that I do love cats, I'm more of a dog person at this point in my life, and 1 pet is enough for me. Hi Kevin, thanks for writing. First off, let me assure you there's nothing wrong with you! Dreams speak a language, one that oftentimes uses bizarre images to get their point across. I've had dreams with imagery so disturbing, the only place I've ever shared it is in my personal, encrypted dream journal!

Second, I always answer questions with questions, so please bear with me.

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What was it that was the most disturbing aspect of the dream, that they had human faces, that they were "born" in a bizarre manner, or that you were unable to get proper care for them? In waking life how do you feel about cats in general? Love 'em, leave 'em, or meh, they're OK? I had a really weird dream, like really weird. A cat, which was presumably mine I don't have one in my waking life , began "throwing up" tiny baby kittens with human faces.

They were clearly in need of medical help and in my dream I did everything I could to save them, took them to vet, they told me I needed to take them to human hospital instead, and before I could get them medical attention I woke up. Has left me feeling rather uneasy all day. What's wrong with me? Hi Kat, thanks for writing. Which part of the dream did you find most disturbing? Was it the the black cat, the imagery of you strangling your dog, or the part where you were screaming without sound? Hi Raz, thanks for writing. How did you feel when you woke?

old mother little cat a writers reflections on her kitten her aged mother and life Manual

Did you find the dream pleasant or disturbing? I just dreamt of a black cat at the end of my bed and that i was strangling my dog. I was screaming in my dream but no sound would come out. I woke up in a sweat and was petrified! What does this mean? Hi Maktum, thanks for writing. What are your waking life associations with cats? Do you like them? How about snakes? Do you like them, hate them, find them wise or think of them as symbols of evil? Please let me know and I'll give you some ideas as to what I believe your dream might mean.

I dream of a white kitten playing and i tried to be friend with him, like in reality that kitten come with me all of a sudden a snake come from us attacking us i run and the kitten left but the kitten fight back and defeated the snake. Can u help me interpret the dream this is my first time to dream a white cat. Hi Viv, thanks for writing! It's interesting to me because when I read what you've written, it looks like the cats aren't actually the primary symbol in the dream. It seems like the malfunctioning camera is the primary symbol--it is the symbol that drives both the action in the dream and is the reason you woke up.

Also, the detail you have about the cats is more about the number symbolism and their colors. Does this sound right or am I wrong here? I dreamt of nine cats, all curled up, sleeping under the hydrangea in my back garden. I went into the house to get my camera - my actual dog, also in the dream, was behind me, just watching. In real, life she hates cats She didn't bark, the cats were just sleeping, not doing anything else. I couldn't get the camera to work and thus woke up. Neither in the dream or waking up did I feel fear, anxiety or danger, just great wonder that I'd been given this sight, like a privilege.

I'm female - I haven't a clue what this dream means! Instinctively, given the number nine, I'd say it was a sign of great good luck, given that it was the night of my birthday. I dreamt of a white and black cat trying to catch a snake that i was protecting and trying to hiss the cat away from the snake and run away from the cat. You are welcome! Thank you for writing. I really appreciate hearing from readers. Yeah, moths, I wish I could just stay calm like you did in your dream when they come near me.

But nope, I have no courage where moths are concerned! That's what I was thinking--that the cat in the dream was just reflective your your waking life aversion to cats. No worries. I understand your feeling about cats. We all have quirks about things. My personal one is moths. Moths freak me out more than any snake, spider, or any other commonly feared creature on earth! Oddly enough, to me, this dream translates as a positive one. In it, you're being confronted with something that you personally find terrifying, something that the other people in the dream are not remotely getting is scary to you and therefore are offering you no aid other than to coo at your situation-a situation that you find personally terrifying.

But your response to this situation, one in which you are completely alone, not heard, not understood, and literally carrying all on your own, is to remain calm. You aren't lashing out at the cat, your actions aren't panicked, you aren't screaming. You're confronting fear in a calm, rational manner, which is no mean feat!

It sounds like this dream is informing you that you may have more strength than you think you do and you do, in fact, have the ability to take on what life throws at you--no matter how scary it is to you and no matter how little assistance you are getting from people around you. Mark Twain has a quote about courage that I always paraphrase to "If you don't feel fear, you don't have courage. Courage is acting when we are terrified but decide that whatever is on the other side of the fear is more important than the fear we feel to get to it.

Old Mother, Little Cat

So, it sounds like to me, this is an extremely positive dream! The thing that stands out to me in the dream is that the people around you seem to find that cat jumping into your arms cute, but you are trying "to stay calm. Was it just your waking life dislike of cats that troubled you or was there something particularly frightening about that particular cat? I have some ideas, positive ones, actually, but I'd like to hear your answers to those questions first. Hi Tina, thanks for writing! So did you find that article helpful in interpreting your dream?

I had a dream last night that I was at a supermarket with an aunt who used a walker. So in the dream, the black cat was sniffing people as they came in. When it sniffed me, it then jumped up for me to catch it. I kept walking away but it kept jumping and smiling. Hi Marisa, thanks for writing. I don't believe the dream is bad luck at all!

Do you, in waking life, have a number of animals already? I had an afternoon nap and woke up very anxious. He kept saying look mom it;s cute. I had dream that i was walking in to the house the light was off and i notice a cat following me i was calling to cat it was dark and coming near to me to sit on my lap the dark went to light on thar cat are black and white mix wants me petting n putting their head to my face and their lip goes to my lips Hi last night I had a dream about a small cat giving birth.

At first she gave birth to an normal litter of kittens they where 4 of them and you could tell this was her first time giving birth. Then in less than a week I see the same cat again trying to give birth under water and she looked really tired like she needed help, soI take her out of the water and find her somewhere comfortable for her to give birth. My mom said that was impossible since she had just given birth a few days ago, but she waited with me to see if I was right. The cat then gave birth too 8 kittens but when the babies came out they looked like they where already a few months old and looked different than any other normal cats.

Most of them where white with the exception of 2 or 3 being black and white. I was so happy to see those cats being born, especially the white ones because they looked so magestic, even though the mom was not my cat. Afterwards i looked for a big shoe box and a blanket to put the mom and the cats in there but realized that it was impossible for them to fit in there since the babies where a lot bigger than the mom. I looked at the tired mom and it looked like she gave me a smile and I was able to leave knowing that everything was going to be alright because I had done my best to help her and doing so I was able to see something amazing.

Hi, your blog seems informative, I am personally most scared of cats from animal family, last night I dreamt of emerging cats in each and every corner of my home, there were emerging maybe from walls. I remember being very scared seeing cats in the dream and saw my Father protecting me from cats from every room and terrace. Also in the end we found only one room where my Father could keep me sane away from cats. I also saw them emerging in my bed. Hi Juliet, thanks for writing.

Did you feel fear in the dream? Or did you feel fearful after waking? I'm wondering if the feeling that something was in your room was due to the dream. Lastly, how do you feel about cats? Thanks, Mahazak.