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But what does that have to do with waving around palm leaves and crafting palm crosses? Palm Sunday signals the end of Lent , the day period of fasting and reflection that begins on Ash Wednesday, and kicks off Holy Week , the seven days leading up to Easter. As he enters the city, crowds gathered, waving palms. In case you're looking for other Bible quotes for the holiday, these scriptures are perfect for Palm Sunday.

Today, some Christian churches reenact the parade, while others incorporate palms or other branches in the mass or service. This year, Palm Sunday will be celebrated later than usual because Easter falls later.

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Here's exactly when Palm Sunday will take place, and a little more about the history and celebrations associated with this holiday. Each year, Palm Sunday is celebrated the Sunday before Easter.

The date of Easter varies — it's determined by the moon and usually falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the Spring equinox. This year, Easter is later than usual, falling on April 21, Good Friday is three days before Easter, on April 19, Palm Sunday will be on April 15, Palm Sunday is also known as Passion Sunday because the passion narrative, a name for the final acts and suffering of Jesus, is recounted on this day.

5 Things about Palm Sunday that Remind Us Christ is King

After his arrival in Jerusalem, celebrated with a parade of palms, Jesus embarks on a week of teaching and torture that ends in his crucifixion on Good Friday. Five days before the Passover, Jesus came from Bethany to Jerusalem. Having sent two of His disciples to bring Him a colt of a donkey, Jesus sat upon it and entered the city.

People had gathered in Jerusalem for the Passover and were looking for Jesus, both because of His great works and teaching and because they had heard of the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus. Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord, the King of Israel!

Palm Sunday at Christ Church - Christ Church

At the outset of His public ministry Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God and announced that the powers of the age to come were already active in the present age Luke His words and mighty works were performed "to produce repentance as the response to His call, a call to an inward change of mind and heart which would result in concrete changes in one's life, a call to follow Him and accept His messianic destiny.

The triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is a messianic event, through which His divine authority was declared. Palm Sunday summons us to behold our king: the Word of God made flesh. We are called to behold Him not simply as the One who came to us once riding on a colt, but as the One who is always present in His Church, coming ceaselessly to us in power and glory at every Eucharist, in every prayer and sacrament, and in every act of love, kindness and mercy.

He comes to free us from all our fears and insecurities, "to take solemn possession of our soul, and to be enthroned in our heart," as someone has said. He comes not only to deliver us from our deaths by His death and Resurrection, but also to make us capable of attaining the most perfect fellowship or union with Him. He is the King, who liberates us from the darkness of sin and the bondage of death.

Palm Sunday summons us to behold our King: the vanquisher of death and the giver of life. Palm Sunday summons us to accept both the rule and the kingdom of God as the goal and content of our Christian life.

What is Palm Sunday

We draw our identity from Christ and His kingdom. The kingdom is Christ - His indescribable power, boundless mercy and incomprehensible abundance given freely to man. The kingdom does not lie at some point or place in the distant future.

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In the words of the Scripture, the kingdom of God is not only at hand Matthew ; , it is within us Luke The kingdom is a present reality as well as a future realization Matthew Theophan the Recluse wrote the following words about the inward rule of Christ the King:. Then the Christian hands over to God his consciousness and freedom, which comprises the essential substance of our human life, and God accepts the sacrifice; and in this way the alliance of man with God and God with man is achieved, and the covenant with God, which was severed by the Fall and continues to be severed by our willful sins, is re-established.

The kingdom of God is the life of the Holy Trinity in the world.

Palm Sunday Mass in Notre Dame Just Days Before Fire

It is the kingdom of holiness, goodness, truth, beauty, love, peace and joy. These qualities are not works of the human spirit. They proceed from the life of God and reveal God. Christ Himself is the kingdom. He was reviled and hated. Palm Sunday summons us to behold our king - the Suffering Servant. We cannot understand Jesus' kingship apart from the Passion.

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Filled with infinite love for the Father and the Holy Spirit, and for creation, in His inexpressible humility Jesus accepted the infinite abasement of the Cross. He bore our griefs and carried our sorrows; He was wounded for our transgressions and made Himself an offering for sin Isaiah His glorification, which was accomplished by the resurrection and the ascension, was achieved through the Cross.

In the fleeting moments of exuberance that marked Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the world received its King, the king who was on His way to death. His Passion, however, was no morbid desire for martyrdom.