Runner as Hero: The inner quest of becoming an athlete or just about any age

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Can I still participate? Yes, you can still complete the Quest at your own pace. For example, you can start on a different date and go through all the coaching materials in 66 days to get the exact same results. Or you can even go beyond 66 days if you have to. The principles that this Quest is based on is the fundamental science of human behavior and passion for the extraordinary so it will work no matter how you apply it.

However, you may miss out on the excitement and momentum that a group challenge like a Spartan Race offers. So we encourage you make way and start the quest on October 7, to get the best possible results. How is this different to other home study programs? Unlike other online courses, this quest is not about learning. You have the community, the coach and the daily accountability to start doing exactly what you need to do. Do I still have access to the Quest once the program is over? Once the Hero. Legend Quest intakes as you like. Meaning you can experience it over and over again, with new and existing students each time.

Plus you get to connect with even more like-minded people on the same journey as you. That means you can enroll now and go through Day 0 to Day 10 10 days of the quest, and then decide on Day 10 whether you are satisfied with your results. If not, you can contact our customer support to get an instant refund of your investment. Many of us have heard quite a number of speakers but your message was truly inspiring, refreshing and profound.

Your program made us reflect, think, laugh and in some cases cry. I have no doubt our managers will apply your leadership insights to make real improvements in the way they lead their teams and in the way they live their lives, not only in the coming months but in the coming years. Beyond thrilled to know that 2 of my favorite Legendaries — Mindvalley and Robin Sharma are coming together to create some Epic awesomeness!!

Robin Sharma is one of the best things that has happened to me for my personal and professional growth. I have been following his work since , and have made tremendous progress in my personal and professional life. I also had the honor to meet with him in person and to learn from him at one of his live events. With respect to your presentation, you should take a private moment to smile at yourself. Many attendees have mentioned to me that they have re-committed themselves to living a better life thanks to your words.

Robin, you have made a difference in the lives of the people who attended the conference. Robin Sharma has really transformed what it means to be high performing for me. I have been inspired by his work and being mentored by Robin has transformed that inspiration into action. It has taught me to be the authentic leader that I know is within me, to pursue goals and do work that matters while also enjoying it. If you have or are struggling in translating that authentic voice into clear actions, Robin Sharma is the man.

He is the guy to go to to make legendary work.

Thanks for making a difference with our MDRT audience. In the process, you impacted careers and touched lives. Robin Sharma was my gateway to the Personal Development world. Robin taught me what small steps to take to become extraordinary and kept inspiring me along the way.

Twelve Life Lessons from "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins

Several years ago I started building a habit of waking up at 5 am. I remember there were days when I would wake up and wanted to snooze my alarm. Am I a titan, a strong and exceptional person, or that weak to give up and sleep? Everyone who attended your session was impressed and motivated by what you had to offer. You were able to inject excitement and more than satisfy the expectations of the attendees in explaining the concepts of your leadership lessons.

We, in CIMA Malaysia Division, wish to thank you for a great presentation and the clear lessons learnt would certainly help us to make better decisions in the future. For more than 18 years I filled my brain with negativity, hate and sadness. At some point I started to believe that this was just the way life was supposed to roll out, and that there was nothing I could do to change that. Then, one day I got my hands on the work of Robin Sharma. After learning more about his experience and wisdom, I realised one thing: everything I hated about me and my life was not linked to the external world, but it was linked to the way I felt inside.

I learned that everything in life is created twice, first in the mind and then in the world around you. I became my own savior and hero. Your high-energy, multimedia presentation made us laugh, and made us think. Your messages were insightful and on target. Thank you for being such an inspirational and thought provoking keynote speaker. You have set a high standard and raised expectations for our series. From beginning to end, you had the ability to communicate with the audience not only through your lessons, but as well with the use of multi-media technology.

Leaving us all with a positive reaction. It was unequivocally the most inspirational message we have heard at any of our conferences. The thunderous standing ovation from our CEO s at the event confirming not only the power of his inspiration but the real-world value of his insights, strategies and high-performance tools.

He kept the group entertained, completely engaged and his energy was explosive. His acute focus on the issues facing our members in their professional and personal lives was remarkable.

He left us all with practical tips and insights that I know will help us all grow our businesses and live and work with greater effectiveness in the future. Robin Sharma was inspirational and exceeded the highest expectations of the audience. His words were moving and inspiring to everyone including myself. He truly deserved the standing ovation that everyone gave him.

Expectations were high and they were exceeded. From start to standing ovation finish, Robin engaged, enthralled, inspired and educated us. I take great personal satisfaction knowing that the leadership lessons learned will enrich the lives of all those who attended and by extension their families, companies and communities.

I knew, after I heard you speak this summer that your closing address would be a success, and what an accomplishment it was. Your multimedia support is also riveting. It compliments the entire presentation beautifully. Combine this with your ability to connect with an audience, allowing those present to relate to your message and the result was a real magic in the room. Thank you for being the keynote speaker at our general information session attended by over employees and another from our locations in the United States, Ireland and England via satellite link.

We required a world-class speaker to kick off this very special event and you more than delivered on all counts. From the moment we first contacted you to the moment you left the platform, you demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and commitment and we could not have made a better choice in engaging your services. You made a great contribution to our ability to find the leader potential in all of us.

Personally, I feel like a large weight has been lifted from my shoulders. There is no obstacle too big or too daunting for me to handle with confidence. I have become an avid reader of your books and continue to recommend you highly to others. Learn the skills of remarkable leaders so that people are inspired to work with you. It has nothing to do with skills but a particular set of rituals attitude and mindset. Develop the same mindset that world class entrepreneurs, sports stars and geniuses have.

Make quantum leaps in your effectiveness at work. Stay positive and productive at high stress times. And do all of these without sacrificing your health, your family, or your lifestyle. Because ultimately, it has nothing to do with time put in. Robin Sharma. Focusing on just hard work or natural talent for success are myths. Imagine discovering the success strategy to… Build Your Genius. Daily Repetition To Propel You Into Productivity This Quest aims to transform your energy, install new methodologies and tools to make big things happen with it… so all of us can elevate the world in the process.

Paul A. Robin Sharma at his Personal Mastery Academy. Will Transform You. Make a Roadmap to Your Purpose This program also gives your brain clarity to map out where you want to be and WHO you want to be, while providing you with the actionable steps and the tools to get there. Highlights include: How to inject a perfect dose of gratitude into your busy day.

How to put your mind in greatness mode. How to navigate around the negativity bias of your brain How to stay utterly and magically inspired all day, everyday.

Highlights include: How to set goals like a history maker How to install a new habit successfully How to make your mornings amazing How to wake up productive and positive How to remain productive throughout the day How to keep raising your bar in every aspect of life Part 3: Winning The Race Before It Starts 15 days from Day 23 to Day 37 This is where it gets exciting.

Highlights include: How to condition your mind for consistent success How to build an empire in your mind and force your outer world to match it. Highlights include: How to be okay with being different How to hardwire the 8 mentalities of mastery into your brain How to use your personal mastery power grid How to discard your past and believe in a remarkable future How to learn without feeling bloated with knowledge How to become a habitual giver instead of a taker Part 5: Being The Master Of Your Universe 12 days from Day 54 to Day 66 This fifth and final part is where you take the leap into owning your craft, dominating your industry and flooding the world with your gifts.


Highlights include: How to beat procrastination How to be unconditionally brave How to use meditation to conquer fear How to practice the 5 tactics of global influencers How to be a hero. With gratitude and thanks, Moira. It is an extraordinary course. Enroll Now Our Commitment To Leading Edge Education At Prices That Everybody Can Afford Typical tuition fees for a program of this caliber, where a master coach guides you through over a period of 66 days… will typically cost you thousands of dollars. So get started now.

You have nothing to lose but a whole new world to gain. I've included quotes and from both the book and the audiobook, which has some off-the-cuff commentary delivered by Goggins himself in his usual highly animated and emphatic style, full of swear words. Warning: I will not edit out David Goggins' swearwords. They are part and parcel of him. If you don't like them, don't listen to him, and don't read this. Goggins doesn't want you to motivated.

He wants you to be obsessed. Secondly, Goggins doesn't want you to like him. He wants you to learn how to like yourself , and then be the best version of yourself. You need to be "uncommon in your world". This is a book about your life ahead of you and how you can take control of it. How you can beat it by turning your story into your best ally. How you can embrace suffering and transform through it. Here are the principal ideas that I took from the book. I kept these notes for myself, but want to share them with anyone. This is my personal summary. Click for details on each one.

Goggins is about much, much more than motivation. He's about getting "obsessed". Motivation gets you started, but obsession gets you through every bit of rough terrain until you're someone you never thought you could be. Goggins is an obsessive person in some aspects of his life, and he extended it to others. For example, he was obsessive in calling Navy recruiters to give him a chance, even though he was a hundred pounds overweight at the time.

He was obsessive in tracking down Air Force Rescuemen until he found the one that gave a speech that inspired him. He became obsessed with learning, with running and with physical fitness training. He started from an extremely low level in everything. Before taking the test to enter the Air Force, he read like a third grader, and had to teach himself to read so he could pass the tests.

And before joining the Navy SEALs, he weighed nearly pounds, more than a hundred pounds over their weight limit, and with only two months to lose the weight. He needed an insane amount of obsession to lose pounds in two months. What I learn from this: I'm obsessed with some things. I don't let go of things until I've mastered them. If I have to learn ten words or sentences a day, I feel bad if I don't. If I miss a work-out in the morning because of work, I end up doing sets of push-ups at the office throughout the day.

Otherwise, I feel like I've let myself down. Often, I end up punishing myself by going further and harder than ever before.

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And I have to become obsessed in more things. I have to, for example, be obsessed with a product I'm building. Or cold-emailing, which I hate. Or marketing. Or running longer every day. All of this takes focus and dedication. So don't multitask: single-task on one thing in front of you. Pick something you want to improve in your life, that you struggle to get "motivated" to improve.

How can you get "obsessed"? Goggins explicitly doesn't want us to be like him. He wants us to be ourselves, but the best possible version of ourselves — whatever that is. He wants us to welcome failure. Keep setting the bar higher. And don't look to others; you only look to yourself and what you can achieve yourself. A lot of this applies to absolutely anyone. Goggins goes hard at athletic achievements — running longer and faster, swimming, and conquering physical weaknesses he had.

But he makes it clear constantly that being "uncommon" has many flavours. There are uncommon family members, office workers and labourers. It just takes doing what you do in daily life with a different attitude, one of excelling and constantly improving. Goggins also tell us specifically: "don't do what I did". By this he means: don't go do a mile run with no training, just because he did. You might be able to, but it won't teach you anything new. Instead, just seek to improve continuously on your own standards.

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Do as many push-ups as you can, and then do more. Run 50 miles in a week, and then 55 miles the next week, and keep setting your own bar higher. It doesn't matter what people around you do. If you were someone you'd look up to, what would you be doing? What different choices would you make? When he found out he had to have heart surgery, he had two choices: 1. Accept all he had achieved in life, or 2. Use this as a platform to go further and be stronger. As a way of callousing our minds to making difficult decisions, Goggins is a big advocate of "doing something that sucks" every day.

This is especially important in the early stages of any transformation. For him, this was swimming, because he sinks like a stone in water. But it's not about self-punishment or torture. He's encouraging us to callous our minds so that when life throws hardship at us, we can deal with it gracefully. This is especially important in the beginning stages of any transformation. Trying to keep to a better diet? Watch how your mind trips you up at every instance, trying to give you excuses to get out.

Trying to meditate every day? Listen to every one of those ridiculous reasons your mind throws at you Goggins also talks about how we have to keep pushing through artificial pain barriers our mind throws up. He often talks about the "forty percent rule", how we tend to give up before we've even reached half our potential more on that later here.

You have to make these uncomfortable choices every day. Are you used to running five kilometres? Run seven.

The inner quest of becoming an athlete or just about any age

Feel hungry? Try not eating that snack for an hour. Hold back, and control your mind, rather than let it control you. Goggins often talks about doing something that "sucks" every day. Or doing something you hate. Presuming it's something good for you. In military terms, he describes it as earning your "trident" every day, referring to the marker of the Navy SEALs. Well after graduating from military training schools to become a SEAL or anything else, Goggins revelled in treating every day like it was day zero, like he was nobody, and that he had everything to prove.

Our mind can be our best friend but also our worst enemy. I catch myself talking out of my daily commitments every day. Like Goggins, I'm a strong believer that if you're not moving forwards, you're moving backwards. I learned this in when travelling to Italy. Everyone was kind of resigned to putting on weight from pasta and pastries. Not me! I swore off all of it and hit the gym every day, aiming to lose weight while I was there. I did, and got fitter too. Let's say tomorrow nobody knew who you were or what you had achieved. You show up to work, to the gym or to the playing field and have to convince everyone from scratch.

What are you going to do? How will you behave? When living in a wealthy community, being "the other" meant how he had to work evening shifts at his father's business, and how he was beaten by his father regularly. When living separate from his father and having a more normal life, being "the other" meant having a "fucked up childhood" and living with calloused wounds. He always saw himself as separate. But at some point, he learned to embrace it, and to draw power from it. More broadly, embracing being "the other" means being comfortable in our own skin and liking ourselves.

If we don't like ourselves, our entire foundation is cracked and it'll be impossible to build much on top of it because we'll always be at war with ourselves. More on that later. Like Goggins, I grew up being "the other", a brown kid in a mostly-white Australian community, in conflict with my own confused identity, and acting out as a cry to be recognised as different.

This grew to define me, and I always sought to do what was uncommon, to separate myself from my surroundings. While surrounded by people who wanted to become software engineers, I became obsessed with joining the Air Force as a cadet, and trained every day to meet their fitness standards. One of Goggins' realisations growing up was how insecure people were. Bullies are battling their own demons and take their insecurities out on others.

He talked about a process of taking the "soul" of another person, by doing something they could never imagine themselves having done, in the same situation:. Goggins also cautions you have to know the terrain before you choose this tactic, and it's not always appropriate.