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Your Email required. Your Primary Contact Phone Number required. Your Cover Letter. The opportunity to build a rewarding career, the challenge to meet and exceed your goals, and the environment in which to work and learn from a leader in the self storage industry. We prefer to bring assistant managers into stores and help them to grow in their experience, knowledge and understanding of the job until they are ready to take over operations for themselves. We pride ourselves on this philosophy and on the great success that our entire team has seen since its adoption, in We believe that our blend of on-the-job instruction, one-on-one coaching, and computer-based learning opportunities act to support our entire team and our over-riding goal for higher efficiency and an easier, more enjoyable day-to-day work experience for everyone.

Supervisors and managers are actively involved in this process and are evaluated on their ability to improve knowledge-level and skill across their team ensuring success for one and all. A description of the benefit provisions, conditions and limitations is available to our employees. The length of your term as an assistant manager is variable and is directly effected by your experience, ability to learn and your ability to adjust to all of our philosophies.

We deliver high quality, superior storage solutions for homes and businesses. The In-Store Managers may be either full or part time and may also be assigned to multiple sites to provide support or fill in when a manager is off duty. This position is responsible for maintaining the daily operations of a site. Assistance resulting in superior performance in revenue, delinquency management, occupancy, maintaining cleanliness standards and customer service is required.

This position works under the direction of the Store Manager and the President. In-Store Managers who graduate from the Introductory Period, are eligible for paid holidays. The toughest question is, who to hire? If you are a novice to the self storage industry, I encourage you to enlist the services of one of the many experienced and qualified self storage management companies that can be found in trade journals or online.

You will be spared sleepless nights and can glean an education and experience by hiring an expert to manage for you. Most management companies offer a range of services; as little or as much as you desire. They might hire and train the manager and you and open the facility for a one-time fee, and then consult on an as-needed basis.

Or they can help you manage for a short period of time, or as long as you wish. Ask what services they can provide and what fees they charge. If this is your first foray into the self storage industry, the employment of an experienced manager or management team is your best choice. Self storage has a specific set of operating rules and laws that must be followed; an experienced manager will be familiar with these regulations. The following list of items should be considered whether hiring an experienced or inexperienced manager:.

If he has had trouble with authority in the past, he will have trouble with you.

Clear Rules and Disciplinary Processes

Run a background check — First, ask permission. Then spend a little money and use a legitimate background check service. If the background check comes back clean, you can continue with this candidate. Does he interrupt or talk over you?

Self Storage Employee Handbook

Does he sound like someone you could trust? All of these things are important to your client and should be important to you. Ask about previous job duties — Request a detailed list of duties he performed at prior facilities. Let the applicant explain an average day in the life of self storage. Did she stay in the office all of the time? Or was she always riding the golf cart looking for things to fix? Many managers prefer one type of work to another. If you are hiring more than one manager — a team — their skills and strong suits should be complimentary. In previous years, when couples commonly managed, the wife typically supervised the office while the husband spent the day on the property, cleaning and fixing.

It is best to hire managers who can perform all aspects of the job, not just a part of it. What type of self storage operating software and gate system have they used? They may not be the same systems that you have chosen, but they may be similar. Ask about his clients — The manner in which a candidate speaks of his clients and tenants reveals volumes as to the type of manager he will be.

Does he only tell you about the problem tenants and the troubles they caused? Or does he speak fondly of some of the people that he assisted during his tenure?

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Never forget that the tenant is paying your bills! They are to be treated with respect and unerring customer service. Contact and talk to his work references — Always try to speak to the previous employer. If the candidate tells you about a bad experience, get the other side of the story. Then you must make an informed decision as to whom to believe. If the previous company practices a policy of not discussing past employees, as many do today, ask if they would rehire this person within the same organization. If the answer is no, ask for an explanation.

Ask how the person would handle conflict? A manager does not exist that has not, at some time, had to handle a difficult tenant. Whether dealing with someone who is just disgruntled about a late fee, or with a tenant whose items are to be auctioned, you need someone who can hold her ground while remaining calm and respectful under stress.

What does he expect of you as an employer? If you are a first-time self storage owner, the one who needs to see you every week will probably not be strong enough. You need a manager who can work independently, but is not opposed to taking direction from you as the owner.

Hiring an experienced manager will negate the need to train from square-one; the Self Storage Primer, if you will.

Managing Self-Storage Staff: Setting Expectations, Policies and Discip | Inside Self-Storage

Ideally, an experienced manager will bring a basic knowledge of facility operations. The caveat is that this manager may not take direction well from an owner with less experience.

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  8. Contracting a management company to conduct quarterly audits for the first year might be advisable. This can furnish an opinion from a disinterested party as to how well your store is being operated.

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    Management involves sales as well as maintaining records and following procedures. Again, there are questions to be addressed; many are the same:. Run a background check — Again, you must ask permission; if the candidate declines, so do you. A clean background check is an absolute priority! Is he pleasant, polite and clear? Ask why she wants to work in the self storage industry — This will allow you determine if she truly understands what self storage management entails. This will also present the opportunity to explain exactly what the job requires.

    Watch her expression to see if she is surprised by the amount of work that is actually involved.

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    4. Ask about past work experience — His explanation of his previous positions will reveal his work ethic. If he complains about how long and how hard he had to work at the job, then you might want to pass.