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People working Ouvert share one goal: to provide best in class solutions to implement the full convergence of Energy Efficiency Management and Energy Related Processes Optimization. The Proprietary IT Solutions are differentiated by operating scenario and specific managed energy related process. Smartification is thus made a synonymous of intuitive control, aware pervasive management and sustainable evolution.

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The content in most tag groups is a mix of memes and posts very generally related to the name of the group. Many veer off topic and develop their own community norms.

Read: Community in the digital age. Tag groups are not new, but they have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years.

Renee Cusick, who is a member of 6, Facebook groups, the maximum number the platform allows you to join, first noticed tag groups cropping up in Facebook added the ability to tag groups in comments, and fans of Weird Facebook figures such as Laird Allen, and later Jeff Conner and Gary Allen, began creating groups to react to people in the comments. Soon, all types of people were creating tag groups and hundreds of thousands of users were joining them.

Some tag groups have upwards of , members; some have just a handful.

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The ones that take off, take off quickly. When someone utters a new phrase on Game of Thrones , for instance, people rush to their computer to create tag groups named after the particular line. Any sentence can become the title of a tag group, and often the more niche, the better.

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The group was formed in by a group of elephant specialists, veterinarians, researchers, camp managers and conservationists to address the situation for elephants in the tourism industry in Southeast Asia. It recognises the urgent need to create more awareness about and address both the problems and the possible solutions. This approach, it says, can often have a reverse effect and do more damage than good. It can undermine elephant camps that are behaving responsibly and providing good welfare to their mahouts and elephants. When elephants and humans are in a close and unrestricted contact scenario, the bull hook serves the purpose of ensuring safety for both.

It is simply too dangerous to not have a bull hook present and at hand in case of an emergency. The bull hook can, however, be misused or used purely to punish. Mahouts must be trained properly, so they are capable and confident in their ability to safely handle an elephant. This is an important part of managing elephants in a traditional hands-on system in Southeast Asia where cement or steel structures are very expensive and financially not viable.

Chains are the simplest and safest tool to keep these large animals to a specific area, they are a safe and quick way of control if needed and are also used to safely restrain an elephant during husbandry and veterinary procedures.

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Again, as with the bull hook, chains must be used properly and appropriately to avoid injury. A sufficient length to a chain allows an elephant to interact with other elephants but also to find space alone should it want to. Using a long chain to tether an elephant at night rather than fencing it in means the animal can be moved more easily between fresh browse areas.