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It has the same meaning. This is used a lot by native speakers. Take care. This is another common way to say goodbye. It is more common to use this expression in more formal situations, but it is okay if we want to use it with our friends or family. This is a formal way to say goodbye. Honestly, it is not used much anymore. It is considered kind of old English.

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We are more likely to see or hear this in books or movies. See you. This is a casual way to say goodbye. This is usually only used among family, friends, or close co-workers. Also, we only use these expressions with people who we see often. Talk to you later. This is almost exactly the same 8.

This is a very casual way to say goodbye that is typically used by younger people. A long time ago, it used to be common to say, "Go in peace".

So, this slang expression comes from that. Catch you later. This is another casual way to say goodbye. It has the same meaning as "See you later". Take it easy. This is a very common way to say goodbye in a casual way. It is casual, but it is used by people of all ages. This expression is telling the other person to go in peace, not worry and to enjoy their life. Use this lesson to help you take your English skills to the next level. Expanding your vocabulary and learning new English expressions and phrases is a great way to improve your English.

Oh you know I don't want you to die. I appreciate you always taking the time to read and comment on my posts, so I would never want you to leave this Earth. Look at me, look into my eyes. You got that? What a tiring month! For some reason, November always drains me. It doesn't show because I use lotion before I go to bed, but I am literally out of words right after this month.

I know it doesn't show it because I've used multiple NaNoWriMo accounts in the past, but I've been at this since I've been writing 50, plus words for far longer than most kids have lived. I feel like I'm a grizzled veteran even though I've been professionally published 0 times. Quite too often, in the middle of the month, I just mutter to myself, "I'm too old for this shit.

This was one of those classic nailbiters. Unlike last year when I blitzed during the midpoint and then coasted near the end, four days ago, I wasn't even sure I was going to finish. When I started, I set a lofty goal of finishing 1. People told me that I was crazy, that it's a suicide mission.

There were prayer rallies and petitions asking for me to take it easy. But, I shrug them off thinking that after seven years of doing this, I was finally ready to ascend to heights that most people only dream about. Let it be known that while I succeeded in my NaNo mission, I failed in my own side mission.

For that, I am sorry. I know babies are weeping right now, and to them I'll say, "Get over it Add to that, I even wrote this NaNotes series because I had a deathwish. I hope people got something from them. As much as I want this to be, this is just a short culmination for my experiences last month. It was a rollercoaster ride, and like every other ride, they all have their end. No notes here, just a recap. I initially planned it to be eight in total, but I ended up with four. So, here they are:.

If you liked them or you thought they were da bomb , feel free to comment here or any of them. Also, I won't complain if you gave this post an upvote. In fact, I would be grateful. Like, so grateful. Now, wasn't that short? Na No? Go on! I dare you! STEEM slumping? Vote lukestokes.

If you enjoyed this, please be sure to follow. Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:. Side goals be damned, this is awesome!

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No wonder you're so boss at writing, you are a Nanowrimo expert. My hat off to you I seriously did take my ushanka off and put it back on. It's way easier and harder than it seems. It doesn't mean that if I finished NaNo that I have an output that could be published for reals haha! Writing is weird, huh? We just have to get our reps in and we automatically level up, like a character in a game. I accept the hat tip, and raise you an appreciation for taking the time to read the post! The editing process is a whole other beast but that first draft is probably the step that most people never overcome.

The importance of practice is something I keep trying to remember - that you don't have to make things perfect to get better, you just have to sit down and do. Even after years of doing this, that thought still creeps up every time. It's tough to get a handle on, but I feel like once we get over the hump, we're all the better for it. You're right though, editing is a different beast. If we want to make it out of the dungeon alive, multi-tasking beasts isn't the way to go. Having completed the task last year, I can understand how you are feeling now.

Tired, for sure, but what an accomplishment. And to have fulfilled the task many times too. Thanks, mate! I just wish that I was able to post more NaNotes. I would've been way more satisfied had I posted half of the amount of the Notes you posted. Still, I feel like it's an achievement that I got to post more than one.

What with all of the words I'm already writing elsewhere. So now you rest and bask in the warming light of acompishement. The word bubble encompassing your head has subsided and rests stuck in the internet waiting for some eyes to catch it. I hope that those eyes catch it before payout haha! Kidding aside, thank you for your support as always.

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It was really a tough challenge, and it becomes tougher with every passing year. It's true you should always challenge yourself for the highest goals and go crazy on it when you are this excited. You've read my work before? Yeah, I think this was mostly caused by exhaustion. I really appreciate the compliment and for the addendum comic relief. Nice posts! Hehe yeah you have a unique touch to your humor, I stumbled on you again and now I've bookmarked you :-P thanks for your reply dude and thanks for appreciating my posts.

Thanks for the bookmark! I think it would be easier if you followed instead :D I always reply to any comment on my post. Man, just keep up your thoughtful comments and you won't even need to link to your posts because I will automatically vote and comment on them without you notifying me :D. Hehe well I'm already following you but I don't think my feeds will show you any good near! Bookmark of my favorite authors. That's great to hear from you bro, you know I really found this to be a great way to get some small exposure while starting out with small content posts, but I don't spam I just leave an overview to my post and it's upto them if they upvote or comment if they enjoy.

But you really gave your word thanks. So far I've made 3 consistent fans including you. I don't think I'm the best and I'm waiting for criticism so I can improve the way I present my post and who could be more better than you with such an energetic vive humor haha, your small section of the post shows it all well how funny and excited you were while writing it, and it's the same with me it's just a short visual post which has to grab the attention of the scrollers with something which packs lots of humor haha :-D. And I, you, as well.

Great to have stumbled upon a prolific commenter like myself. Back then I only ever see comments like these from me and a few friends who I've become close to here. Nice to see another one lurking about! Awww shucks!

I appreciate the compliments, but I'll forever say that it's completely undeserved :D My word is my bond, so you can always hold me to it! If you want detailed criticism, then I'll be happy to provide you with it. Just post your work, and I'm sure that we can improve together. Right now, I think the types of posts that you've been putting up is fine.

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But, I do hope to see you diversify in the coming weeks. We always have to try to outdo our previous posts if we hope to improve after all, right? Aha thanks, I really think that open interaction is the key to build a long lasting relationship with people in real life also on steemit. And it also depends on the person if they like open interaction about anything that interests them. I always got turned off by a lot of people who are just too boring and doesn't wanna say anything but just "thanks" "bye"!

Glad to see someone who's like me too. On this platform I'm really looking forward to make long lasting relationship with people who care. Yeah as an interactive community we can improve together if we listen carefully to the true words that people put in, that's the most effective way to improve the way consumers want.

And yeah there also the time comes where we should keep testing out with different things to see what works better. As you said diversify yeah I want to do that making the posts compact but with a lot more follow up funny comments but it's very hard to find and pick the best funny ones after curating all over the internet haha, but I will try putting in more work to it and with experience it will be more efficient.

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Thanks for your compliments and tips brother. I agree with you wholeheartedly, man. Most of the people here don't even reply haha! I can't generalize everyone though, as there are a few people who are just like us. It's fortunate that you stumbled upon my post when you did.