The Striped Bass Book: Tackle, Techniques and Strategies for Americas Most Unpredictable Game Fish

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The Striped Bass Book By Milt Rosko

Wilderness Systems A. Native Eyewear Coldfront Snow Goggle. Wilderness Systems Tsunami Kayak - Model. Native Eyewear Distiller Polarized Sunglasses. Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option. Add to Cart. Here is a complete, fully illustrated guide to catching striped bass rockfish , written by a seasoned pro. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

See our disclaimer. The Striped Bass Book. Specifications Publisher Burford Books. Customer Reviews. Write a review. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. On my visits, I saw some other fly-fishing guests catch a couple in the high teens, and a spin fisherman caught one about 22 pounds. I told my guide, Bobby Norton of Upper Oxbow Adventures, that I would try catching bigger fish by using oversized flies, a weight rod, and sinking lines in the channels, or else by finding segregated schools of older females. Despite using big flies, I mostly caught average-size bass.

One evening at sunset, we did find a segregated school of bigger fish around 15 pounds blitzing on smelt in a foot of water. We beached our boat on a midriver island and had a blast catching them on every cast at close range. Instead of chasing unicorns, my strategy next year will be to try to catch 50 bass a day. Statistically speaking, one of those should be a large one. This new strategy will allow me to use appropriately sized outfits like an 8- or 9-weight rod, an intermediate line, and a 5-inch Deceiver or popper. If you hook a pounder, hold on! Although you can catch bass right after ice-out, the fishing peaks just prior to spawning.

In the mornings you fish the channels and use sonar to check deep holes for schools of bass. The best bite is after 6 P. Schools of bass move up and down with the tide until conditions for the spawn are stable for a few days. Four days before spawn, some fish move into pools on the Little Southwest and Northwest branches, then drop down into the tidal area. The majority of the spawn takes just two days. Rainbow smelt are nocturnal and start moving at twilight.

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There is a collection wheel in the Little Southwest Miramichi, and the people who empty it say there are no smelt in the wheel until P. Bass will sometimes blitz on the smelt and drive them into the shallows at last light and first light. If you happen to see spawning fish outside the closure area, I recommend leaving them alone.

After the spawn, the fish drop back to the ocean and the fishing wanes like the tide.

I was told not to bother striper fishing in the fall but I had to see firsthand. Last year my friend Macauley Lord and I made the trip in late October after the salmon season had closed, and we found the weather too windy for good boat control in the open estuary, where most of the striped bass were holding on bottom structure in about 16 feet of water. Unfortunately for us, the weather was rough and fly fishing was impossible.

Most of the striped bass in the Miramichi overwinter in the main reach of the river, in or adjacent to deep channels. The fishing starts low on the river and progresses upstream until the spawn.

Miramichi Striped Bass are Moving Farther North

There are no pools or rapids in this stretch, but there are islands, bars, and curves in the river. One of the early spots is adjacent to the town of Loggieville. Upriver is a small shallow at the cove at Douglastown that can hold bass early. The channels off Chatham Head are good spots in May before the bass commit to the spawning area a few miles upstream. The most heavily fished area in May lies off the town of Miramichi. The key locations holding fish are the Nelson Channel, the Mazda Channel unofficial name , and the rock piles on either side of Beaubears Island.

The channel just downriver from the launch at Enclosure Provincial Park on the way to Beaubears Island is a very good spot.

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In the middle of May, most adult stripers start moving upstream on the incoming tide and down during the ebb to test the water conditions for spawning. During these moves they eat as much as possible. Anglers can intercept bass anywhere from the Anderson Bridge to the spawning area, but holes hold fish and channels act as highways. There is a hole at midriver off the confluence of the Millstream and a channel on the outside bend of the river that sometimes holds thousands of bass.

Upstream from this area starting in Whitney, sand islands and bars in the middle divide the flow into channels. Locals call this area the Whitney sand flats.

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If you beach a boat on one of the sandbars or islands, you can wade and fish a one-hander and make overhead casts, or cast a one- or two-hander using Spey techniques. Opposite Whitney is the village of Cassilis, where the channel hugs the bank in places.

Between Cassilis and Redbank is one of the most reliable spots to catch bass before the spawn. It is also the beginning of the length of the river DFO closes during the spawn for approximately five days. Striped bass are not classified as gamefish in the Province of New Brunswick, and so no license is required to fish for them.

Please observe the closure of the striped bass spawning area on the Northwest Miramichi, posted on the DFO webpage: glf. There are sections designated as fly-only water, which means no weighted flies, bait, or lures. In New Brunswick, a fly must be unweighted. If you accidentally catch a salmon, it must be released. When I first heard of the booming striped bass population in the Miramichi, I planned to also explore the Gulf of St.

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Lawrence during the summer to find segregated schools of larger bass, but there are scarcely any boats along this coast outfitted to do so. Since this is a new sport fishery, there are few recreational anglers or charter captains fishing out there. Striped bass sampled by the DFO in the Gulf mainly contained shrimp, Atlantic silversides, and sticklebacks.