The Vicomte De Bragelonne

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Monsieur had already been tolerably busy in the course of his life. The life of the poor prince was then very dull. After his little morning hawking—party on the banks of the Beuvron, or in the woods of Cheverny, Monsieur crossed the Loire, went to breakfast at Chambord, with or without an appetite, and the city of Blois heard no more of its sovereign lord and master till the next hawking—day.

So much for the ennui extra muros; of the ennui of the interior we will give the reader an idea if he will with us follow the cavalcade to the majestic porch of the Castle of the States. He on the left, in violet, was his equerry; he on the right, in green, was the grand veneur. One of the pages carried two gerfalcons upon a perch, the other a hunting—horn, which he blew with a careless note at twenty paces from the castle.

Every one about this listless prince did what he had to listlessly. At this signal, eight guards, who were lounging in the sun in the square court, ran to their halberts, and Monsieur made his solemn entry into the castle.

The d'Artagnan Romances, Vol 3, Part 1: The Vicomte de Bragelonne: Ten Years Later

When he had disappeared under the shades of the porch, three or four idlers, who had followed the cavalcade to the castle, after pointing out the suspended birds to each other, dispersed with comments upon what they saw: and, when they were gone, the street, the palace, and the court, all remained deserted alike.

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